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Hot and Sour Soup - Cappucino Cafe, Saar

What a letdown. Where should I begin?

First, it was a vegetarian dish. A point the menu FAILED to mention. This is the first time that I have eaten a VEGETARIAN ONLY Hot and Sour Soup. Other restaurants would ask you first whether you want vegetable or chicken but most of the times, they only offer chicken. So I ASSUME that the one from Cappucino Cafe is a CHICKEN Hot and Sour Soup (originally Hot and Sour Soup uses pork-but that's another story).

The soup was OK but it had too much bean sprouts - in fact I think most it were sprouts. Well ,it had other bits like carrots, onions, spring onions and tiny minute cuts of mushroom. Finding the mushroom in the soup was a challenge by itself.

The thickness was just right but I think it would need a tiny pinch of salt.

At BD 1.7, it doesn't really scream value for money plus I had better AND cheaper Hot and Sour soup elsewhere. It deservedly gets 2 out of 5 stars.


  1. Umm Adzka said...

    Correcto demondo!!!! for the kind of ingredients they use and the taste - you will get a much tastier hot and sour soup from the Hot Wok in the City Centre for only BD1!

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