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6 Piece Spring Roll - Cappucino Cafe, Saar

6 pieces of vegetable spring rools served with tomato sauce and chilli sauce. Normally restaurants would also serve special dipping sauce with spring rolls but anyway..

The rolls have kinda of homemade or specially prepared look, rather than oh-so-same-off-the-freezer-prepacked look. Looks good, and tastes good too. Its not too dry or oily. The skin is crisp and light and its not overstuffed. Veggies inside cooked just right, not too soggy or too raw.

As a starter, the portion for two is about right. For the price, quality it deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. said...

    Nice food photography. Is the tomato sauce like siracha sauce?

  2. Bahrain By Food said...

    Thanks. Well, sorry to disappoint you but the tomato sauce is just plain ol tomato ketchup.

    I prefer chilli sauce :)

  3. Anonymous said...

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  4. Muhammad said...

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